Code of Conduct

As a user of zindolabs, we would appreciate it if you could read through and agree to our code of conduct! We want everyone to have a good experience in the zindolabs Communities and these rules are to ensure that happens.

We used the WordPress official Code of Conduct & WP Feedback to help us write our own.

Be Kind and Keep Conversations Civil

There will be zero tolerance for any form of bullying whatsoever! People will disagree and that's ok, but we WILL NOT tolerate members disrespecting each other.

Affiliate & External Links

External links can be posted, as long as the content is relevant to the group and brings some value to its members. Affiliate links ARE NOT allowed for any reason.

No Over Posting or Auto-Posting

We encourage individuals to share content relevant to our community, but please be conscious of posting content that adds value, no selling.

Please Use English only

As the majority of our users will be using the English language, we’d like it to be uniformed across the entire website.

Asking For Help Or Support

Our communities are here to help. But don't expect our Community to support software, programs or tools you've purchased. Please visit the site you've bought them from for support.

Please Confirm You Have Read Our Code of Conduct

By signing up for an account with you confirm that you've read our rules and accept them

  1. Be Kind and Keep Conversations Civil

  • Members are encouraged to express their opinions openly and honestly without fear of rejection, but without generalizing (e.g. “usage of ultimate word in the posts’ topics is lazy, incorrect and very presumptuous, its an obvious cheap tactic to bait in leads”) or using “heavy” and insulting words.
  • There will be zero tolerance for any form of bullying whatsoever! People will disagree and that’s ok, but we WILL NOT tolerate members disrespecting each other. No personal attacks, no “lmgtfy” responses, no irony/sarcasm. If you don’t like something, ignore it! Avoid peacocking and keep your ego in check. No antagonists or “haters” are allowed. Avoid making negative comments about someone’s grammatical or spelling errors. It is frowned upon and may subject you to being temporarily muted or banned without warning. 
  • If You Have Nothing Nice To Say, You Really Should Say Nothing
  • If a disagreement arises, members should use links to reference their point of view instead of simply arguing an opinion of disagreement. No cursing/bad words in the group for any reason. Members that are suffering rude & bullying behavior/comments/attacks/insults from other members MUST report such rude comments to sites admins for the final ruling without answering in the same (rude) way to those members/in the discussion if they want to avoid punishment for their rude answers as well.
  • No bashing of any tools, products or services in order to show/prove that some other services are better/faster/more efficient etc. than the one you are bashing. E.g. “That product is garbage, my product is the best – use my stuff” Instead, write argumentative sentences, for example, “I wouldn’t recommend that product according to my personal experiences but I would recommend the following product as I had excellent results with it in the following areas…”.
  • Skip heavy words/qualifications/generalizing of other tools such as “garbage, junk, overrated, bloated, sometimes works, etc.” as those are personal opinions/experiences and concentrate on positive aspects of the recommended alternative tool and why do you think it’s the best choice.
  • Otherwise, those negativities/bashings provoke contra-bashing, quarrels, more negativity, and “flames of war”.
  • Freedom of the speech – yes, but NOT in the form of bashing other tools just “because”.
  • No quarrels about legal stuff about other programs, Guru’s or trainers in the market – take those legal disagreements somewhere else: in private, at Court, etc, BUT don’t try to settle a dispute in the sites’ public discussion – this Community is not a place for that.
  • Put as many thoughts or comments as possible in 1 reply, NOT 1 idea per line in sequential order, one after other (hint: use SHIFT+ENTER).
  • Also, you mustn’t block admins if you want to be part of the Community. 
  1. Asking For Help Or Support

  • Don’t ask for support for paid software/services
    • If you legitimately bought a software/service, ask the Authors/Developers to give you (paid) Support. Don’t expect this website’s Community for (free) support on that paid/freemium software/service.
    • If you have some pre-sale questions for paid software – please ask the provider directly. 
  • Don’t ask professionals in the group to do extensive free or “voluntary” work on your site/business/service 
    • If you don’t have the experience or knowledge or time to do it yourself, expect to pay for services for your project as professional expertise and time are not cheap.
    • Our website is NOT a replacement for Professional/Paid Support when one is necessary. Please, hire Professional/Paid Support if needed or you have urgency (no Self-promotions, please).
    • No “tagging” admins/moderators or other members in your post questions for (quick) answers, unless that is really needed/urgent for the Community itself (not for individuals, ONLY for the overall benefit of the Community).
    • If you need to hire Professional/Paid Support, please consider posting your needs on (which is part of our marketplace to help entrepreneurs).
  • Be precise with questions about your need, don’t ask general questions as these are treated as self-promotions. 
  • Somebody asks a vague question how people like their website copy just to promote their offer and therefore only specific questions on particular things are allowed – to prevent some people from abusing general questions.
  • If you have a specific question, join one of our Office Hours Sessions and get it answered by the zindolabs Team.  
  1. Please Use English Only

As the majority of our users will be using the English language, we’d like it to be uniformed across the entire website. If you would like to start a group that is a different language and you already have people you’d like to invite, please contact us. In the future, we may consider adding a way to translate different languages, but as of current, that functionality isn’t available within our website.

  1. No Over Posting or Auto-Posting

  • We like “Live activity” from living people. 
  • We encourage individuals to share content relevant to your Community, but please be judicious in doing so. We don’t like exaggerations with extensive/frequent postings.  
  • Don’t bump to top very old posts (several weeks old) by commenting. This is the usual practice of the spammers who want to promote something.
  • Don’t over-reports posts. Rules are there, must be followed, but they can’t be “blindly followed”, especially for the border cases. If over-reporting, you are causing additional admin (filtering) activities which could slow down the whole admin process and become counter-productive for our team. If you are not sure if some posts broke rules or not, leave them too admins for judging.
  1. Affiliate & External Links

  • External links can be posted, as long as the content is relevant to the group and brings some value to its members.
  • Affiliate links are NOT allowed for any reason. If this changes, we will be sure to let the Community know.
  • If you are sharing links to other articles, posts, etc. Please ask yourself the following prior to posting: 
    • Why are you posting this content in a particular group?
    • What kind of benefit will it bring if people see it?
    • Your personal experience reading the content and how it can benefit another Community Member.
  • Cross-posting is prohibited entirely (same post on multiple /forums/groups). If you post in a forum/group (and it’s relevant to that forum/group), even if it is relevant in another, you cannot post it anywhere else.
  • Spam is unallowed entirely, and this is left up to the discretion of the Community admin. If we feel a user is spamming:
    • We will private message you and make you aware that you are spamming.
    • If you continue to do so, you will be removed from the group/forum.
    • If we see you continue to spam in other groups/forums, your account will be flagged and you will be banned from posting or engaging in our groups/forums.
  • The following behaviors are expected and requested of all community members (including group admins):
    • Participate in an authentic and active way. In doing so, you contribute to the health and longevity of this community.
    • Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions.
    • Attempt collaboration before conflict.
    • Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech.
  • Group/Forum member’s questions should always be directly related to the relevant group they are posting in. You will be given a simple warning if an admin notices you doing the opposite. Continuing to do so will result in you being removed from that group/forum or the website altogether.
  • We do not permit any promotion or condone illegal/cracked/hacked/nulled/pirated (or variations of) software or debating about pirated stuff possible“benefits”.

Possible Consequences If You Don’t Follow Our Code Of Conduct

  • Please be advised that depending on the severity & frequency of your following actions, in cases if you:
    • don’t follow our code of conduct
    • break rules regardless if you do it unintentionally (e.g. you didn’t read the rules) or intentionally (you did it several times)
  • At the discretion of our Community admins here are the following possible actions (without obligatory sending warnings to members before or after taking the following actions), with the clear pointer our rule(s) were broken:
    • your post/comment can be deleted, or/and
    • you can be “muted” for some time, or/and
    • you can be removed from the Group(s) forum(s), or/and
    • you can be banned from that group/forum, or/and
    • you can be banned from the entire website

If you are punished/banned from a Community/the website but you have strong arguments that you didn’t break the rules and you want to rejoin – you can contact us at [email protected] directly with your information/arguments.

Any feedback, suggestions, concerns, or ideas?