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  • How to Easily Put Together a Review Site on WordPress

    Building a review site with WordPress is within the reach of even the most novice of WordPress users with these 8 themes and plugins. But watch out for schema support.
  • Six WordPress Security Authentication Plugins

    It doesn’t take much for your digital life to be totally destroyed. If you manage a WordPress site, or even several sites for clients, beefing up the overall security of a site is a no-brainer. Most users know how to strengthen passwords, but a tougher way to crack down on brute force is two-step authentication. Even if a hacker guesses your username and password, they will not be able to login to your site without a code or token, which is usually connected to your smartphone. In this round-up, we’ll look at some of the top authentication plugins available for WordPress.
  • Awesome Free WordPress Accordion Plugins

    Need to save space or temporarily hide content? An accordion plugin will do the trick.