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Unlike other social platforms, zindolabs is a space for startups, entrepreneurs, and experienced business owners.

That’s right, you don’t need to explain what a funnel is, an email campaign or an MVP and why they aren’t working. We get it because we’re just like you.

We’re a real community of entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups. We care and support each other because we believe that with the right resources, access and support anyone can grow a successful business.

Here is how the typical zindolabs course works:

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Create Your account.
Select a course that interests you and where you are currently in your business.

Set Your Pace

You set the clock. Content is self-paced and provides all the tools you will need as a business owner.

Pick Your Topic

The course will teach you the strategy. Our systems and processes in ClickUp will show you how to use them.

Define Your Goals

Set tasks, deadlines and expectations for results. Assign to yourself or others.
Finally close the loop with accountability.

Use What You Learn

Implement the strategies in your everyday business practices and track your gains.

Growth From Within

Scale by delegation, train your team, use our SOPs and systems to jumpstart your growth.

zindolabs Helps You

Launch. Grow. Scale.

Here are just a few of the many ways zindolabs can help you grow
your business while growing yourself as well.

Launch a Funnel

Website Essentials

Develop Sales Skills

Generate Cash Flow

Social Media Strategy

Group Coaching

Develop Sales Skills

Competitive Research

Marketing SOP's

Work From Home


Create a Community

Host a Virtual Summit

Build a Foundation

Package Your Services

Brand Building

Video Marketing

Converting Traffic

Blogging Mastery

Grow Your Influence

Customer Onboarding

Launch a Podcast

Customer Lifecycle

Develop Services

Copywriting 101

Go Live!

Increase Productivity

Start an Online Store

Social Media Strategy

Launch a Campaign

Target Marketing

Storytelling in Business

Email Marketing

Project Management

Grow Your Business

All Things WordPress

Content Curation

Mindset Matters

Leadership Skills

Create a Course

Learn to Scale

Build a Team

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What makes zindolabs so powerful in your business?

On the move? No problemo. Jump into zindolabsGO™ on your mobile device or tablet. Prefer to learn on your desktop, we got you. 

zindolabsGO™ will soon be available anywhere you go, so you can keep learning, growing, and implementing in your business.

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Our plans are set up to offer you training, checklists, guides, SOP’s and years of expert business and marketing experience. 


Just Getting Started
  • Live & On-Demand
  • Business Page &
  • zindolabs Articles


Idea to Launch
  • Live & On-Demand
  • Community & Groups
  • Pick 3™ zindolabs


Road to Growth
  • Full Training Library
  • Learning Paths for
    Quick Results
  • Pre-loaded ClickUp


Scale & Automate
  • Member's Only Live
  • 1/30-Minute Strategy
  • Live Chat Support


Just Getting Started
  • Live & On-Demand
  • Business Page &
  • zindolabs Articles


Save over 30%
  • Live & On-Demand
  • Community & Groups
  • Pick 3™ zindolabs


Save $397 per year!
  • Full Training Library
  • Learning Paths for
    Quick Results
  • Pre-loaded ClickUp


Save $1,997 per year!
  • Member's Only Live
  • 1/30-Minute Strategy
  • Live Chat Support
Live & On-Demand
Community Trainings
Courses (all stages of
launching, growing, and scaling)**
Checklists, SOPs, Action Guides
Live Zoom Calls
Learning Paths
Business Page
zindolabs Articles
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Mobile Apps
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Pre-Loaded ClickUp
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Access to Our
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Success Guide
Personalized Onboarding
& Training

You've got questions. We've got answers.

The zindolabs network is a place (similar to something like Facebook or LinkedIn, but for people that want to launch, grow and scale a business).

You have your own profile where you can connect with other members, give and receive feedback on building a business, become a part of many different groups and explore our Netflix style area with curated content, videos and all things WordPress. Essentially a place where it’s all entrepreneurship all the time.

zindolabs plans are paid memberships that provide training through our systems, tools and processes to help you at any stage of your business.

Instead of buying 10 different courses, creating 50 different processes, or even using 5 different systems, we focus on bringing in the most important pieces based on the stage of your business so you can build a solid foundation that can thrive in any economy.  zindolabs Plus & Pro provides you the courses, SOPs, checklists and guides you need to learn from launching to growing to scaling a business online.

Being a full service marketing agency since 2009 I’ve done and seen it all! I decided it was time to create a community for like minded entrepreneurs so that I could help shortcut the launch to scale process for small to midsize businesses while quieting the chaos and overwhelm we all struggle with when starting a business. 

We are all a part of dozens of Facebook groups, small communities through programs we’ve purchased, meetup groups, and LinkedIn groups. We have way too many contacts spread across multiple different websites without any standard for building and launching a scalable business in a $600 billion industry by 2024. * Sales projections

With the zindolabs Community, we are bringing it ALL together, bringing it home! We’re building a marketplace just for you.. the entrepreneur. Don’t miss this opportunity to… 🙌

WELL HELLO…AND WELCOME! We are so excited you are here and we get to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey. As far as the getting started stuff, you will be getting an email in your email inbox shortly. This email will provide your login information and a link to our members-only site for zindolabs.com. 

Once you are in, please come by and introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you and make sure you get shown around. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

For refund:

You get a 15-day money-back guarantee from the purchase date with all of our subscriptions. If at this time you decide it’s not for you, just contact our customer service team from your profile to request a refund.

For cancellation:

We hope you enjoy zindolabs as much as we love bringing it to fruition! If for some reason, you decide not to renew your subscription again next quarter/year or cancel, please remember you won’t be charged for this any further, but you will still have access to the content until your next renewal date. 

We’re here to help. Just open up the chat  🎧   here (in the bottom right corner) and let us know how we can assist you.

When you become a Plus member or higher a whole new world opens up to you.

We offer training, but we take it to the next step. We teach you the what and why, then actually show you the HOW.

We’re here to help you close the loop between your online education and actually implementing the knowledge into launching and growing your business.  

No problemo! Welcome and let’s get started. 👋  It’s time to learn how to test, validate and launch your product or service. 

So come on in and say hi! Let us know where you are with things and how we can help.

ClickUp is a third-party tool we use to run our business with and we know it can help you too.

So we’ve set up an account for you as a member and pre-loaded it with all of OUR best stuff.  

You will have access to it as long as you are a paid member of zindolabs.

Our Pick 3™ Network Plan allows YOU to choose 3 courses you need to get your business moving forward.

Need to test and validate your idea, or help with getting that first launch under your belt…? Whatever it is, this plan allows you to finally start making some serious progress in your business.