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The zindolabs network will always be free. We want to introduce every single person to launching, growing and scaling a business online through our thriving communities and reap the benefits of being involved.


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I believe everyone can start and grow a business and we're building the marketplace to make this happen.

Audra Carpenter, Founder & CEO

zindolabs Pro

Want to save countless hours? Get zindolabs PRO and learn how to launch, grow and scale your business…like a Marketing Pro. Cut your launch and growth time in half with all of our Done For You Systems and training.

The Network Includes

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  • Network with experts of the tools you use everyday
  • Explore different groups to learn from other entrepreneurs
  • Get feedback on your website, ideas, strategy and copywriting skills and more in our Forums
  • Get Launched with your own free WordPress website thanks to
  • Discover the latest of what’s currently working in online marketing
  • Level up your account to earn discounts on products in the space

zindolabs Pro Includes

All the Network features AND…

  • Collaborate with other entrepreneurs to fast-track your skills
  • Save countless hours by getting straight to the point with our systems, checklists and processes
  • Manage your business via a Business Class account on Trello
  • Learn, from mentors that actually build businesses, not just teach the topic
  • Work with our experts and streamline your internal systems
  • Office hours join us weekly and get your questions answered in real-time
  • Learning paths that cover business topics in every area of starting, growing and scaling a business online
  • And so much more!

zindolabs Pro meets you wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey. In other words, if you have already established your business and have mastered the basics, you won’t have to slog through dozens of courses and exercises that simply reiterate what you already know. 

Here is how the typical zindolabs course works:

  1. You sign up for the courses that interest you and meet your needs.
  2. You can complete course content and lessons at your own pace. The lessons are practical and provide you with the tools you will use daily as a business owner.

The learning does not end once you finish your final lesson!

In fact, that is when the real learning begins, as you apply what you have learned to building and running your own business. 

We help you by providing you with a checklist of essential steps to take, which will keep you on task and help you hold yourself accountable.

Get acquainted with your own ClickUp account

We’ve pre-populated your own ClickUp Business Account with everything you need to run your business online. It covers, marketing, sales, time management, and building a team.  

Our goal at zindolabs isn’t just to teach you things, we want you to actually implement what you’ve learned in your business and we show you how. 

A Few of the Platforms We Work With


What they say about us

I can’t get over how many resources are available! This on par with what a university marketing curriculum for 2020 would look like if it was combined with a business degree. Not to mention the collection of templates you can use for any aspect of your marketing plan. Nobody else has marketing mastery that goes as wide or deep. Great stuff!!

Larry Becker | Author, Speaker, Video Entrepreneur

Now is the time to start your side hustle - or main hustle - and zindolabs is the place to start and grow. From discovering product viability to understanding the client journey, zindolabs offers insight and opportunity. If you want to quickly develop your online presence with the foundation solid as a rock, you must check out zindolabs. This is the one platform where you can start and grow your online business and learn along the way.

Perry Lawrence | Streaming Prophets

zindolabs is where your entrepreneurial vision and drive meet real world systems, tools and processes to take the right action and make it happen no matter where you are in your business. This is the most comprehensive single resource available.

Luke Harlan | Transformational Coach, Speaker & Mindset Change Agent

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zindolabs Network

Explore different groups to learn from other entrepreneurs
  • Free Forever
  • See what’s working in online marketing
  • Free WordPress website

zindolabs Pro

All the Network features AND… Collaborate with other entrepreneurs and fast-track your skills
$ 97
00 Monthly
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • New Courses Monthly
  • Tons of Checklists & SOP's

Is this for you?


As a solo-entrepreneur, it can be difficult to avoid overwhelm. Connect with like-minded members and get feedback from other experts in the industry.


Are you a coach, consultant or author? Do you offer training and would like to expand your offierings? Learn what's currently working.

Small Businesses

Are you already in the marketplace but want to learn what's next? Connect with fellow product makers in the commerce ecosystem and grow together.


Looking to grow your agency but need advice? Join groups to discuss and learn how to scale your business and explore curated content from the best sources in the space.

Any questions..?

The zindolabs network is a platform that you sign up to (similar to something like Facebook, but for people that want to launch, grow and scale a business).

You have your own profile where you can connect with other members, give and receive feedback on building a business, become a part of many different groups and explore our Netflix style area with curated content, videos and all things WordPress. Essentially a place where it’s all entrepreneurship all the time.

zindolabs PRO is a paid membership that provides training through our systems, tools and processes to help you at any stage of your business.

Instead of buying 10 different courses, creating 50 different processes, or even using 5 different systems, we focus on bringing in the most important pieces based on the stage your business is at so you can build a solid foundation that can thrive in any economy.  zindolabs PRO provides you the courses, checklists and guides you need to learn from launching to growing to scaling a business online.

Being a full service marketing agency since 2009 I’ve done and seen it all! I decided it was time to create a community for like minded entrepreneurs so that I could help shortcut the launch to scale process for small to midsize businesses while quieting the chaos and overwhelm we all struggle with when starting a business. 

We are all a part of dozens of Facebook groups, small communities through programs we’ve purchased, meetup groups, and LinkedIn groups. We have way too many contacts spread across multiple different websites without any standard for building and launching a scalable business in a $600 billion industry by 2024. * Sales projections

With the zindolabs network, we are bringing it ALL together, bringing it home! We’re building a marketplace just for you.. the entrepreneur. Don’t miss this free opportunity to… 🙌

WELL HELLO…AND WELCOME! We are so excited you are here and we get to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey. As far as the getting started stuff, you will be getting an email in your email inbox shortly. This email will provide your login information and a link to our members-only site for 

Once you are in, please come by and introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you and make sure you get shown around. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

We’re here to help. Just open up the live chat  🎧   in the right corner of this page or send us an email at support at!

When you become a Pro member a whole new world opens up to you. We offer training, but we take it to the next step. We teach you the what and why, then actually show you the HOW. We’re here to help you close the loop in your online education.  

No problemo! Welcome and let’s get started. 👋  It’s time to learn how to test, validate and launch your product or service.  So come on in and say hi! Let us know where you are with things and how we can help.